Getting Your Home Prepared

Team Stimpson will quickly establish the ideal market price for your property based on current economic conditions and follow thru with innovative marketing and advertising opportunities.

We will:

  • Utilize in-home consultations to recommend improvements that will enhance your property’s value.
  • Employ an aggressive marketing and advertising campaign including numerous internet postings.
  • Digitally photograph your property and distribute images throughout our network.
  • Use images and footage for direct marketing, web and video presentations (select properties).
  • Feature your property on Team Stimpson’s exclusive real estate website.
  • Enlist your property in the multiple brokerage networks, including the MLS.
  • Install a highly-visible Team Stimpson/Coldwell Banker-TREG realty sign on your property.

Marketing Your Home

Within the first week of representing the sale of your property, our advertising & promotional campaigns will be in full execution.

We will:

  • Expand your property’s internet presence to enhance its market awareness.
  • Use the Team Stimpson brand in the marketplace to drive more buyers to view your property.
  • Enhance networking with brokers who regularly work with your specific type of property.
  • Utilize our extensive online database to seek potential purchasers.
  • Provide analysis and real-time information regarding the results from our marketing efforts.
  • Provide up-to-date information regarding prices, financing, competing properties and current market conditions.

Closing the Deal

Once we receive an offer on your property, we will immediately screen financial qualifications and begin contract negotiations to yield you the highest sales price.

We will:

  • Review, interpret and present all qualified offers.
  • Work diligently in negotiating all offers to afford you the highest selling price.
  • Finalize the terms and conditions essential to the sale.
  • Communicate with the mortgage lender to monitor the buyers’ financing.
  • Attend the closing to ensure a smooth and efficient sale.